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Operating Efficiency of a Green Benefit District to SF DPW

Green Benefit District operating efficiency is around 35% to 37% while the Department of Public Works is around 16%. This is partly due to the fact that each Green Benefit District can open up an office and hire staff(s).
Dogpatch NW Potrero Hill GBD 2018 -2019 Budget Title
Dogpatch NW Potrero Hill GBD  2018 - 2019 Budget

Adding Total of Maintenance and Capital Improvements is 470,900 which is 65% of total expenses.
Adding overhead of Accountability, Transparency and Citizen Services is 257,900 which is 35% of total expense.
The 35% operating expense is better than the projected 37% in their draft management plan but does not compare to the 16% operating expense for the Department of Public Works (see graph below).

This year (2018), $120,000 is going to Dogpatch NW Potrero Hill GBD Executive Director. Not sure what line in the budget that is coming from. You could say that part of it is going to advocacy. Two GBDs have already been ruled against in court because their projects and services were considered more a general benefit and not a "special benefit". Advocacy was deemed a general benefit because the advocacy was for city services and to representatives that were supposed to happen whether a GBD existed or not. Your elected representatives are supposed to advocate for their constituents, not the constituents needing an advocate to advocate to their representative.

San Francisco Department of Public Works Budget Graph 2016-2017
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