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Calculate Your Weighted Vote and Assessment

All numbers and calculations are based on the most current Inner Sunset GBD draft Management Report.

Calculation Formulas
GBD Parcel Assessment for the first year = (Your Building sq ft x Building Rate) + (Your Lot sq ft x Lot Rate) + (Your Lot's Street Frontage Linear ft x Neighborhood or Commercial Rate)
Non-profit Assessment for the first year = (Building sq ft is 0) + (Your Lot sq ft x Lot Rate) + (Your Lot's Street Frontage Linear ft x same as Neighborhood Rate)

Renters/Tenants = zero votes for petition and final vote. Click here for more information.

Tricky is that Neighborhood (residential) and Commerial rates are not based on what you are, but on whether you own property in a Neighborhood or Commercial location of the Green Benefit District. Commercial Area rates are higher because they are suppose to receive enchanced services.

Weighted Vote Approximate Percentage (Rounding is Unknown) = Your First Year Assessment / the GBD First Year Budget (ISGBD currently is 925,000)

See how your Weighted Vote compares with the 2.07% Weighted Vote Champion Avalon Towers. For a list of the largest Inner Sunset property owners click here

Building sq ft Rate Lot sq ft Rate Neighborhood Frontage per linear ft Commercial Frontage per linear ft
$ 0.0724 $ 0.0217 $ 2.3991 $ 10.2708


Entries Should Have No Commas.

Property Owners should confirm their Assessment and Weighted Vote with the Department of Public Works GBD Program Manager, Jonathan Goldberg.

* Ten year lowest estimated assessment is based on no increase each year. It could be possiblely lower if the GBD does not use all assessed money from year to year.
** Ten year highest estimated assessment is based on 3% increase each year.

Dogpatch NW Potrero Hill GBD Assessment Rate

Dogpatch NW Potrero Hill GBD assessment rate chart
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